Everything is terrible

let's build in public!

Show Notes:

Everything is terrible for Justin, except that he's got a nice fireplace and enough logs to get through the snowy mountain weather. Mark's made great progress on dealing with all the immigration / banking hassles and the struggle is nearly over.

Mark's surpassed his goals, publishing four videos, building out more of the podcast site, gaining YT followers more quickly than normal and even getting in 5 workouts during the week. On the down side, only free usage of Alchemist Camp is growing. Paid usage has basically stayed flat and some new subscribers have been buying a single month's subscription, downloading everything they can and then cancelling. See the Reactor site at 6m.

Talk on Stripe's new subscription scheduling features and subscription vs one-off lifetime memberships at 17m.

Justin hasn't been feeling working on Taskflow, so the power of structured procrastination lead him to creating a new landing module and new offer for Nugget!

Justin shares a business analysis framework he's been using in consulting. This part is better on YouTube! (25:35)

Nathan Barry's rules (53:26)

  • Teach everything you know
  • Create every day
  • Work in public

Mark's goals for next time (1:03:27)

  • Release two videos
  • Make more user-friendly cancellation flow
  • 2 workouts, 2 runs

Justin's goals for next time (1:03:27)

  • Do the 7 minute workout with the family
  • Finish the mind map
  • Get 5 people into a new Nugget batch


Video version at: https://youtu.be/PEpelGW96HE


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