Mark's Absinthe GraphQL tutorial series is started and people are retweeting it! Justin has LAUNCHED the bootcamp! Mark's new blog post is at #2 on HN! Things are moving! Justin's been looking at how... (6 comments) πŸ”Š
Mark's #1 goal of working on Phoenix Igniter has been elusive. Structured procrastination hasn't exactly been *the plan*, but he's been working on just about every other goal insteadβ€”recording videos ... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Justin's been doing a lot of performance work at the day job. He's been doing some strategic caching and optimizing of queries and has managed to drain a job queue from over 42,000 items, down to abou... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Justin is keen to hear about how Mark's technical interview at Facebook went yesterday. In a lot of ways it was less stressful than he'd expected based on his previous experiences. It seemed to have g... (3 comments) πŸ”Š
Justin's at grandma's house this weekend, enjoying a spacious backyard with a barbecue grill, but despite his hopes, it's not nearly big enough to grow enough maple trees for a steady syrup supply. No... (no comments) πŸ”Š
VS Code updates that break a key part of your editor workflow suck! Previously, opening and closing the integrated terminal was cmd + backtick, and Mark used to hit it constantly to switch back and fo... (no comments) πŸ”Š
The site for this podcast is live at last, so Justin has a link to tweet! The screencasts Mark has been making about making the site with Phoenix LiveView LiveView is nearing an end as well. All that'... (5 comments) πŸ”Š
Not even an ill-timed decision to update to Ubuntu 20.04 update could stop from going up tonight! It did require Mark retyping a tedious four-word command, but thanks to his pile of Ruby & ... (5 comments) πŸ”Š
Life is going well for Mark! Thanks to cleaning out his air conditioner, the appartment is now a cool 26 degrees Celsius instead of the 33 degrees it was last week! Rather than endure that furnace, he... (3 comments) πŸ”Š
Mark's sleep has been suffering from the summer heat and 100% humidity of living on a semi-tropical island, but it's still been a productive week... The Reactor site is ready to launch! It took more t... (3 comments) πŸ”Š
Justin has made some progress with his Nugget bootcamp but much more importantly he has become a **Robux Millionaire**. The secret is playing games with your five year-old and then setting up auto-cli... (9 comments) πŸ”Š
Mark had a great b-day party with his friends at a 熱少. Very unlike the situation where Justin lives in California, there were no masks, no social distancing and instead friendly old Taiwanese men at t... (5 comments) πŸ”Š
Mark's week has been *fantastic*! Somehow, launching a 2nd productβ€”Phoenix Igniterβ€”seems to have had a great growth effect on his screencast business. He's also discovered a very much unexpected growt... (1 comment) πŸ”Š
Justin's been agonizing over the writing of the new Nugget Bootcamp material, but Mark's week has been great! Well, aside from a concerning injury related to a previous muscle tear he suffered pushing... (2 comments) πŸ”Š
Justin has been going deep on his bootcamp for new founders and pouring over two decades of notes from his own startups and those he's mentored. The most common failure mode that he's identified is fo... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Mark is now only about a week away from having both residency and a health card! On the biz side, revenue from Alchemist Camp is flat, basically where it was two months ago, but YouTube views and subs... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Mark cleared the final hurdle in his path to once again gain residency in Taiwan! The last month has been full of unusual challenges and he feels a renewed energy now that they're cleared. Alchemist ... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Everything is terrible for Justin, except that he's got a nice fireplace and enough logs to get through the snowy mountain weather. Mark's made great progress on dealing with all the immigration / ban... (no comments) πŸ”Š
The mad scramble isn't over. Mark's bank closed his account, due to no action of his own. That sucks since he's halfway across the world during a pandemic. It was a rough couple of weeks, but ultimate... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Due to a sudden change in local immigration rules, Mark has to scramble to either get a resident visa or find a new place to live. He's made surprisingly good progress in the past couple of days. Jus... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Recorded on 2020-03-11 Justin has made a breakthrough! After years of effort, he's *finally* found a way to keep his blood sugar low with a diet he can sustain. Mark is cautiously optimistic but want... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Justin has a work-related trip to Denver coming up and Mark is getting tired of being under the CDC order to wear a mask. He estimates there's a 95% chance the virus will not be contained and 45+ stat... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Upon returning from Japan, Mark was ordered by the CDC to wear a mask when in public for the next 14 days, which completely derailed his running plans. He managed to get three screencasts recorded, su... (no comments) πŸ”Š
Mark's made good progress on his goals and has mostly built the MVP for the site for this podcast and has made two tutorials for Alchemist Camp out of the work so far. Unfortunately, he didn't have an... (no comments) πŸ”Š
This episode Justin and Mark start rough with shape for the show. Crystallization is happening! Since Mark wants to know how Justin gets traffic to Speak, or *any* of his projects, that becomes the m... (no comments) πŸ”Š
This episode Mark goes over his basic signup flow for new customers. One goal is to give users an incentive to sign up and another is to get more information to segment new signups and suggest appropr... (1 comment) πŸ”Š
This show is an experiment. It's part podcast and part mastermind video chat. Justin Vincent is a co-host of the Techzing podcast, runs the Nugget Academy for entrepreneurs and has bootstrapped many,... (2 comments) πŸ”Š