Big progress

and accidental sales

Show Notes:

Mark is now only about a week away from having both residency and a health card! On the biz side, revenue from Alchemist Camp is flat, basically where it was two months ago, but YouTube views and subscribers are way up. He's given his paying subscribers access to Phoenix Igniter as a bonus perk and has been getting some great feedback so far.

Justin has also made some big progress. He's kept his glucose levels in range and has started doing hill sprints! On the biz side, Taskflow is now somewhat usable for project management, hooked up to a DB and has some new screens built out. He's also "accidentally" made a sale for his Nugget academy and is now working on a streamlined bootcamp version of the course.

Mental Model: Gresham's Law (26:58)


Mark's (31:19)

  • Make a first few sales of Phoenix Igniter

Justin's (33:38)

  • Make the Taskflow data editable from the condensed view screen
  • Get the Nugget bootcamp ready to share with experts and get their feedback
  • Keep blood sugar 70% in range


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