Small bricks

vs giant slabs

Show Notes:

Mark's made good progress on his goals and has mostly built the MVP for the site for this podcast and has made two tutorials for Alchemist Camp out of the work so far. Unfortunately, he didn't have any time to work on his analytics project and though he finished the whole Laravel series on git, it was a bit too basic.

Justin's attempts at lowering blood sugar haven't gone so well, but on the good side, he's making progress towards his project management tool and has a fairly novel idea of making task management strategies a top-level primitive in his app—choosing a different strategy would re-rank tasks based on the strategy the user currently wants to use. He's also settled on a working name of "Taskflow".

DHH has been talking about Lambda School quite a bit and Mark thinks it's interesting. On one hand, he's pretty bullish on bootcamps and education outside of universities and there are real disadvantages to putting most people through the same credentialed system. On the other hand DHH, had some points about how much of an indictment on the US system it was that economically disadvantaged people were interested in 30k loans for a 9 month online course to begin with.

Justin's been reading about the weirdness of colors and human perception, but he's never heard of "the dress" that broke the internet in 2015!

Mental model: Small bricks vs giant slabs

Justin's goals for next time:

  • Make some mock-ups for Taskflow

Mark's goals for next time:

  • Screencast two more episodes from Reactor's code
  • Don't let the exercise routine get too derailed by a visit to Japan


Video version is at:


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