The mad scramble

to stay on the island

Show Notes:

Due to a sudden change in local immigration rules, Mark has to scramble to either get a resident visa or find a new place to live. He's made surprisingly good progress in the past couple of days.

Justin's "chop diet" has pushed his blood sugar even more into range and it's looking clear that this is the best diabetes controlling diet he's found in years of searching.

Progress is going well with Task Flow as well.

Justin has a few interesting links from HN. One involves an interesting use of 3D printing to help with the current crisis, but Mark is looking forward to the day when teenagers are "pirating" burritos by downloading and then printing them. (38m)

Discussion an other podcasts, media and contrarians at 44m.

Mental Model Black Swans (27m)

Goals (49m)

Mark's goals for next time

  • Focus on getting an entrepreneur visa
  • Create a fallback plan in case goal 1 fails

Justin's goals for next time

  • Keep blood sugar in range for 90% of the time
  • Complete the "now" screen for Taskflow
  • Create an expanded view a medium view and compact view for Taskflow

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