One weird but oddly reasonable trick

for lowering Justin's blood sugar

Show Notes:

Recorded on 2020-03-11

Justin has made a breakthrough! After years of effort, he's finally found a way to keep his blood sugar low with a diet he can sustain. Mark is cautiously optimistic but wants to see a few more weeks of data. (21:50)

Mark talks about consumer surplus and his thoughts about the patio11 / Ben Ornstein camp of "charge more" vs the Adam Wathan approach of selling $1000+ products for $150. Both strategies can be very successful, but which works better when? (41:55)

Justin created his own utility-based CSS framework with which to build his new app, Taskflow... because that's what he does. It's a little bit inspired by Tailwind. (52:45)

Goals discussion at 1:00:50

Mental Model: Consumer surplus

Justin's goals for next time

  • Stick to the new eating plan that's working
  • Get the rest of the UI stuff done

Mark's goals for next time

  • Create marketing
  • Continue creating podcast site
  • More git study
  • Implement notifications on Alchemist Camp

Video version is at:


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