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know your Bartle player types

Show Notes:

Justin's been agonizing over the writing of the new Nugget Bootcamp material, but Mark's week has been great! Well, aside from a concerning injury related to a previous muscle tear he suffered pushing a stuck SUV in the mountains of central Taiwan...

On the good side, Mark's Phoenix Igniter is launched! Justin is impressed with the sales so far, but Mark is a bit more reserved about it.

Justin's diet is on point, and he's been doing hill sprints!!! No wonder the blood sugar readings have been great! Unlike the temporarily incapacitated Mark, Justin is getting after it.

Due to his son Jack, Justin has become more and more drawn into the world of gaming and in particular Roblox. Just as one would expect in the internet, he quickly encountered some "killer" player types as soon as he logged into a server, but he's beginning to level up. (20m)

Mark goes into a bit of a rant about his struggles with his old startup, video chat and being reliant on a platform at 30m.


Video version at: https://youtu.be/xQnQNJ0kvVc

recorded on 2020-05-13