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Email vs Twitter

Show Notes:

The weather has been fantastic in Taiwan as it always is around Halloween, but Mark's been really feeling the pressure to meet the requirements to renew his entrepreneur visa. He suspects that the easiest route will be to earn enough to hire three employees, or possibly to to set up a local company and spend a required amount. . Justin thinks the best bet to hit that goal is to work hard on his starter kit—Phoenix Igniter.

Nugget's star pupil, Mateo, made his first sale on his project Heyhi! This is great news for Justin since he's been looking for the right case study. It could start with how he heard about Nugget, how he went through the lessons, started building experiments and finally profitable apps. Justin has basically boiled down the lessons from Nugget into a single sentence: "Hyper iterate on the product, talk to people and make what they need".

Alex Hillman and Daniel Vassallo had an interesting debate on Indie Hackers about the value of an email audience vs a Twitter audience. We thought they both made a strong case, but leaned towards email for long-term safety if nothing else.

Justin explained quite a bit more about how strange and interesting the Roblox dev environment is. Multiple devs and builders can all work on a game simultaneously and see the effects of each other's efforts in real time. It also wraps up client-server communication in a way that reminds Mark of 2013-era Meteor.js with Mini-mongo available in the browser's dev tools. The competition in Roblox dev is intense and it's fairly alien for a web dev, but Justin's got some big goals.

Today's Topics include:

  • Poor quality election debates
  • Mark's visa renewal requirements
  • Nugget's star
  • Black Friday and Humble Bundle
  • Roblox development


Mark's goals for next time

  • Record 4 screencasts
  • Awesome October
  • Hold off on Phoenix Igniter

Justin's goals for next time

  • Keep working on the Roblox game
  • Exercise 15 minutes a day

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Recorded on 2020-09-30


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