F@#! you pricing?

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Show Notes:

Mark's streak app isn't done, but his attempt to build longer streaks of consecutive livestreaming days is paying off. He's published 5 videos within a week and its effect on his YouTube traffic has been remarkable. The rolling 28-day numbers are as follows: views +77%, watch time +75% and reach +109%. It hasn't translated into more money (yet), but that's not surprising given that YouTube views are high up in the Alchemist Camp sales funnel.

Justin's still making gradual progress on refactoring his Roblox game, Slider. He's added more instrumentation, gotten some expert advice and planned out some changes to the

We also talked about the equal pay for remote work topic that's been trending, the scalability of membership sites, Mark's Black Friday, and the psychology of pricing.

Today's Topics include:

  • Livestreaming
  • Analytics-driven game dev
  • Remote work
  • Scalability of membership sites
  • Black Friday
  • Pricing


Mark's goals for next time

  • Stream at least 3 days
  • Do the Black Friday email campaign
  • Start the new ebook

Justin's goals for next time

  • Create "the player shaker" for Roblox

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Recorded on 2020-11-18