A very soft launch

quite the case study

Show Notes:

Mark's Absinthe GraphQL tutorial series is started and people are retweeting it! Justin has LAUNCHED the bootcamp! Mark's new blog post is at #2 on HN! Things are moving!

Justin's been looking at how Nugget users go through the educational content, and how many continue from each step to the next. He's been getting positive feedback, but it's always a challenge to optimize a lesson and decrease dropoff at each step.

Microconf is going to be remote this year, which means Mark will actually be able to attend it finally!

Today's Topics include:

  • Soft-launching Nugget Bootcamp
  • Blog posts on HN
  • Watching users go through educational content
  • Credibility and case studies
  • Adam Wathan's weight loss
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Slider (Justin's Roblox game)
  • Mark's dislike of buying videos


Mark's goals for next time

  • 3 days of fasting
  • 2 videos for Alchemist Camp
  • 1 commit to Phoenix Igniter

Justin's goals for next time

  • "Possibly" get testimonial videos for Nugget
  • Do a Nugget Mastermind
  • 1 day of fasting

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Recorded on 2020-08-12



Hey guys,

Always enjoy the podcast. Thanks for doing it.

I wanted to add a comment to say wow! to Mark's weightlifting numbers. Going to a gym for the first time in a while and squating 405lbs for 10 reps is impressive.

Also, I'll add my vote for intro music. The podcasts are six weeks behind so maybe it has already been included, but if not, here's another vote to do it.

- Shawn · 3 years ago

@Shawn: Well, if you weigh 280, just skipping a step on the stairs is a bit like squatting 560! I was expecting the squat numbers to go up, but was pleasantly surprised to see upper-body strength also increase as I gained weight.

Thanks for the comment! You'll be hearing the intro music very soon.

- Mark · 3 years ago

@Danilo thanks for your comments aa always :) The link to join Nugget slack is nugget.one/slack when you are logged in.

- Justin Vincent · 3 years ago

@Shawn - Intro will start being added in the next show!

- Justin Vincent · 3 years ago