Stay cool and automate

too many projects to juggle

Show Notes:

Life is going well for Mark! Thanks to cleaning out his air conditioner, the appartment is now a cool 26 degrees Celsius instead of the 33 degrees it was last week! Rather than endure that furnace, he spent most afternoons last week at coffee shops. He can't take his Mac mini, monitor and ergonomic keyboard to them, but he did take his Kindle and ended up reading three full books. He also hit his health goals and a new milestone for Alchemist Camp subscribers!

Justin has gathered half a million carrots in his son's video game, but his automation efforts haven't been entirely wasted. He's been inspired by in game success and has started automating parts of his wife's online business and created a self-serve version of her course for therapists. It's generated seven sales at $499 so far. He's also been tweaking a few things in the Nugget bootcamp based on what he's seen of from one of the students progress so far. Along a similar line, Mark's been very gradually automating a free intro email course he offers his email subscribers. It's still a mostly manual process but the part that accounts for 90% of Mark's manual effort is automated.

Justin talks a bit about the struggles of juggling contracting, entrepreneurial work and being at home with a young kid during Covid.

Mark gives Justin an on-screen tour of Reactor's stats, both in terms of Podcast listens and YouTube and then Justin show the current state of the Nugget bootcamp. Mark is a huge fan of the atmosphere added by the old school 8-track cassette tape on each page that play "Justin's bootleg notes" when you click on them. He wants the Justin's unreleased Speak product that powers it for his own site... but Justin's a bit hesitant about digging too far into opening it up to the outside world for a while. Mark sees it as a powerful tool for increasing conversions but Justin sees it potential business but one that would be better with funding behind it. (25m to 39m)


Justin's goals for next time

  • Finish editing Nugget Bootcamp
  • Get six entrepreneurs to review it
  • Create a survey for it
  • Set up an email account for this podcast

Mark's goals for next time

  • Publish the screencast/walk-through he recorded
  • Deploy Reactor
  • stay on point for diet every day except his friend's upcoming b-day party

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recorded on 2020-06-24