First get traffic

then use auto-clickers

Show Notes:

Justin has made some progress with his Nugget bootcamp but much more importantly he has become a Robux Millionaire. The secret is playing games with your five year-old and then setting up auto-clickers to harvest in-game resources.

The Reactor site is really close to ready to deploy. It's 99.9% there. Mark has completely failed on his diet goal. He only managed to stick to it four out of seven days instead of six of seven.

Justin talks about just how big of a deal traffic is. It's like a resource you can use to mould and shape a business from. His number 1 advice for someone starting out is to learn how to build an audience. That ability leads to all kinds of opportunities and speeds up learning. Don't worry who it is at first, just learn how to build an audience 

Mark can't disagree as the very most successful indiehacking friend he's ever known did it on the back of a very popular nutrition site monetized on the back of humble Google ads. One of the most useful tactics he's found so far is to notice when things are hard to Google and create content that answers the question better. Google often picks up the better content.

We also discussed a bit about top of the funnel strategies—producing more content, blog posts on broader topics, making YT clips of longer videos, and jumping into new tech that's still pre-1.0.


Justin's goals for next time

  • Get the Nugget bootcamp ready for review

Mark's goals for next time

  • No junk food for 5 of the next 7 days
  • Launch the Reactor site
  • Publish a screencast
  • Read 1 chapter a day of tech books

Joint goal

  • 20 YouTube subscribers

recorded on 2020-06-03

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Great episode guys.

- Liam · 3 years ago

Mark, you should def write up that article about your content-creating hack. Really liked Justin's description of traffic as clay.. totally feel it!

Impressed with the progress on this pod fellas. I tried a very simple weekly masetermind call podcast last year with my buddy Ben, but we ran out of steam (or at least I did, as there was never any growth in downloads) but you guys have managed to do it well.

- Liam · 3 years ago

Also, one upvote for intro music... and in keeping with the vibe from the thumbnail art, could we go for something blade runner-esque? that'd be so cool ;-D

- Liam · 3 years ago

@Liam, Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed the last couple. As you know, I enjoyed your Create your world podcast, too.

It both reminded me of some of my own efforts with WordPress ten years ago and gave me more empathy for what it's like for non-coders building online these days. It's amazing all the tools you have but it seems like a lot more are now monthly subscriptions instead of just a one-time sale premium plugins. Ben's quest for Reddit traffic was also very enlightening.

- Mark · 3 years ago

Thanks for the mention, Mark. Great episode. I will take it as encouragement to build an audience for the mentioned productivity app ^^

- F · 3 years ago

Ok ok I'll do intro music. ;)

- Justin Vincent · 3 years ago

@Danilo, I tried a Microsoft Ergo in 2016! It was a definite improvement over my laptop, but not enough to stop the progression of my repetitive stress injuries.

I suspect that if I had one to begin with I'd have been fine, but at this point I need truly ergonomic keyboards like the Kinesis Advantage 2 or Freestyle Edge. Even with top of the line ergonomic keyboards, it's taken me two and a half years to go from "even brushing my teeth hurts" to 80% okay.

- Mark · 3 years ago