Too many time zones

running on fumes

Show Notes:

Justin was up until after 2am working on his Roblox game and implemented area locking so that players need various keys to access tracks. He's also been meeting some other developer dads.

Mark got bogged down in planning out videos and coming up with ideas for drawings to support them. As a result, he's got a lot of plans but no videos :/

Friend of the show, Matteo had a successful product hunt launch for Heyhi!

In other news, Apple has just announced a new iPhone with lots of cameras. Also, Sidecar has started requiring 2nd factor authentication on both the Mac and iPad sides before it works (even when the two are joined by a USB cable.

Finally, US time zones are really, really strange. Do not handle them yourself unless handling them is "what you do".

Today's Topics include:

  • Roblox dev
  • Roblox's margins and upcoming IPO
  • Sidecar
  • Roblox


Mark's goals for next time

  • Record 4 screencasts
  • Continue studying from the No Starch books

Justin's goals for next time

  • Create a locking mechanism for a "grand finale" round in Slider
  • Get the orb challenges working.

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Recorded on 2020-10-14


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