Don't give so much away for free

the conundrum of freemium pricing

Show Notes:

Justin is keen to hear about how Mark's technical interview at Facebook went yesterday. In a lot of ways it was less stressful than he'd expected based on his previous experiences. It seemed to have gone but they haven't given any feedback yet. There are still more steps in the process and he'll also have to find out if their remote policy is global or if he'd be required to leave his pandemic free residence in Taiwan and head back to the US.

Justin shrugged off his primary goal of working on his Nugget business and instead has gone even deeper into the world of Roblox. The development of his new game is well under way, and his 6 year-old is giving feedback. Interestingly, when he plays Roblox, his in-game communication is all with speech to text tools. Nugget is still slowly moving along though. One of the members Justin has been helping settled on a new product, had a successful launch on HN and is now revenue positive!

Mark got some interesting feedback from an Elixir learner on Alchemist Camp—"Don't give so much away for free!". This question around how best to do a freemium service is a tough one. Making more premium tutorials leads to more users choosing to pay, but the more tutorials are free, the faster the total audience grows. Justin's advice was simple—create a super premium tier for businesses and price it at $99/month.


Justin's goals for next time

  • Work on Nugget login pathways
  • Intermittent fasting (no food past 3pm)

Mark's goals for next time

  • Work on Phoenix Igniter
  • Work on top of the funnel for Alchemist Camp
  • Don't get too sucked into the Rust in Motion course

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Recorded on 2020-07-29