Everybody starts at level one

context is everything

Show Notes:

Justin has been going deep on his bootcamp for new founders and pouring over two decades of notes from his own startups and those he's mentored. The most common failure mode that he's identified is founders biting off more than they can manage for their first projects. Mark was no exception with his businesses or even software projects. Devs tend to do the same, often attempting an ambitious game as one of their first projects!

Mark shows the site to host this podcast running locally and shows off the coolest revenue graph—going from zero to one sale for Phoenix Igniter! He's also finished setting up a Gitlab integration for it and a nice VuePress site for its docs. He's been getting a lot of new YouTube subscribers but not much revenue recently.

Justin has also been playing a LOT of video games with his five year-old son. This has lead to thoughts about founders as video game players who gradually level up, gain skills and become capable of taking on larger challenges.

Mark's goal for next time (54:33)

  • Planning a way to hit yearly revenue target imposed by his new visa

Justin's goal for next time

  • Launch the course


Video version at: https://youtu.be/LlNOkjbJGZA


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