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Show Notes:

Justin's been doing a lot of performance work at the day job. He's been doing some strategic caching and optimizing of queries and has managed to drain a job queue from over 42,000 items, down to about 10. The problem may not be fully solved, though.

Mark failed to hit his primary goal, but he did a bunch of other stuff, including Manning's Rust in Motion which was an explicit goal not to get too sucked into. He also had quite the HN adventure, submitting a post that quickly got to #2 and then flagged off of the site. After a few revisions to make it a bit more personal and re-posting it, it went up to #2 again and did much better the second time. Also, the Facebook interview went well and they've invited him to a "virtual onsite" interview.

A fairly successful indie hacker who runs a site called Semicolon and Sons strongly recommended Rob Walling's book, Start Small, Stay Small to Mark, and its lessons on out-sourcing in particular. Mark never read it, but did see a lot of similar advice in 4HWW around the same time and Justin's had a great experience with outsourcing work on his upcoming Roblox game.

If you're coding everything on the back-end for it anyway, is it better just do all life-cycle emails from a transactional email service? Justin's considering moving all of Nugget's marketing off of Drip and just using Mailgun for everything. Speaking of email software, Noah Kagan has been promoting a new service called Send Fox. It may be worth keeping an eye on, given his success with his SumoMe suite of list-building tools.


Justin's goals for next time

  • Work on Nugget
  • Eat 90% vegan
  • Keep blood sugar in check

Mark's goals for next time

  • Work on Phoenix Igniter (double dog for reals this time)
  • Blog
  • Publish the already recorded screencasts

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Recorded on 2020-08-05


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