My bank closed my account during a pandemic

and it's good to be a mountain man

Show Notes:

The mad scramble isn't over. Mark's bank closed his account, due to no action of his own. That sucks since he's halfway across the world during a pandemic. It was a rough couple of weeks, but ultimately he prevailed. The bank opened him a new account, reopened the debit card he had with him and connected the two.

Justin's blood sugar has been in range and he's finished the "now" screen for Taskflow as well as the "next task" UI. Between that, the day job he's just generally been crushing it for the past couple of weeks, from the comfort of his mountain home. Diet part is at 19m and Taskflow demo at 23m.

Justin's also considering launching a new Nugget batch. He's thinking that it might make sense to drop the prices due to the pandemic. There's also a question of how to make a "low-res" intro to help new students get a quicker overview before digging into the details of any part of the course. Pricing discussion starts at 40m.

Mark's thinking about branching out a bit further from Elixir and making videos about other topics that would also serve the same audience and Justin was very bullish about the idea. It probably wasn't optimal to make videos about Tailwind that assumed Elixir + Phoenix knowledge of its viewers. A few videos higher in the funnel that can bring new people to the channel is probably a good idea.

Goals discussion starts at 51m

Mark's goals for next time

  • 2 workouts, 2 runs
  • Record a screencast for AC and work through some Vue School lessons.

Justin's goals for next time

  • Get blood sugar reading down to 7.1
  • Create "Add task" functionality in Taskflow

Video version at:

recorded on 2020-4-01


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