Mark ordered to wear a mask

and a deep-dive into Taskflow

Show Notes:

Upon returning from Japan, Mark was ordered by the CDC to wear a mask when in public for the next 14 days, which completely derailed his running plans. He managed to get three screencasts recorded, surpassing the goal of two, though.

Justin got quite a few mockups for Taskflow finished, despite having a crushing week at work. The progress was a bit surprising and starting at 14 minutes into the episode Justin shares his mindmapping and planning tool and we do a long deep-dive on what he's building and go over the mockups.

About 95% of the discussion can be followed just through audio, but it's definitely worth seeing the video!

Mental model (starting at 56:19) Exported Skillsets

Justin's goals for next time

  • Go swimming twice
  • Get some help with an algorithm for weighting tasks in Taskflow
  • Finish mockups for most of the major areas of Taskflow

Mark's goals for next time

  • No exercise except pushups at home but do some intermittent fasting
  • Flip the switch on email automation for Alchemist Camp
  • Continue building the site for Reactor and screencasting it
  • Launch analytics app???? (not a realistic goal at this point)


Video version is at:


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