the grind is the hardest thing

Show Notes:

Justin is energized with his conversation with the other Justin on Techzing earlier in the week. What it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed as an entrepreneur, even in a limited sense, is so situational and poly-causal. It's very difficult to make a consistent, timeless framework. Justin is looking for a way to boil it down to first principles, but Mark is skeptical about the return on effort for people learning from them.

Mark's new microphone is here and so far the results have been good! He managed to do a decent length run completely fasted this week and is going to try to keep the diet in check and continue intermittent fasting. He got some work done on an easter egg in Alchemist Camp, but still hasn't gotten back to Igniter. The mic is making it easier to record screencasts efficiently though, since it blocks out most background noises.

People are getting through the Nugget bootcamp, but very, very few are signing up for the paid course afterwards. It's difficult to tell if it's due to how they found and chose to sign up, but it's somewhat surprising that people finishing a free course would be less likely to sign up than those who were pitched straight from email.

Gitlab's second reduction of CI/CD minutes is starting to bother Mark. The first reduction wasn't onerous at all, but now he's a bit concerned, especially for any projects written in Rust that have longer compile times. For now, it's okay, but even needing to worry about whether or not to delay a deployment is enough that he's starting to look for other options.

We also discussed some of the historical hate JavaScript has gotten, its subsequent popularity and the limits of what makes sense for a someone working on a solo project.

Today's Topics include:

  • First principles
  • Email conversions
  • Deployment
  • JavaScript
  • Balancing proper vs quick engineering
  • JavaScript
  • Crowded markets
  • Selling ideas


Mark's goals for next time

  • Record screencasts for both a free series on Ecto and a paid one on Absinthe
  • Investigate a billing edge case for customers sign up multiple times
  • Work on Phoenix Igniter

Justin's goals for next time

  • Exercise on the trampoline 5 days
  • Keep building out the sever-side of the Roblox game
  • Keep Tweeting about Nugget

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Recorded on 2020-09-09



Mark's comment about people not easily learning from first principles seems similar to what I think Justin has talked about in the past that many people don't seem to want to learn the lesson being taught, but after they have made the mistake that the learning is trying to help you avoid, they can finally learn it.

Nice microphones certainly can improve the sound, but putting the mic closer to your mouth gets you a big benefit as well, of course doing both is the best.

Laughed at the "nuggio" slip. Too bad is $4k, would be a great domain for a CBD/cannabis related site.

"No code" has been the future since the late 90's at least. It's always seem to come down to how good the exit plan is when you eventually get to the point where the tool can't do what you want to be able to do. Usually, the exit plan is re-write everything just so you can add the 1 extra thing you wanted to, and that can be an untenable position to be in.

Justin: "Marketing Chain Reactions" seems like a great topic for a blog post, or another addition to Nugget/Bootcamp.

Mark: FYI: seeing the L-SEP characters in the description. Right before "Gitlab's second reduction..." and "We also discussed some..."

The show notes seem to be missing some content. "but it's somewhat surprising that people finishing a free course would be less likely to sign up than Gitlab's second reduction of CI/CD minutes is starting to bother Mark." Seem like there should be something between "than" and "Gitlab's second reduction..."

- Danilo Celic · 3 years ago

@Danilo: Thanks for the proofread! I did miss part of the show notes!

- Mark · 3 years ago