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Show Notes:

We've finally got intro music for our show! In classic Justin Vincent style, he chose one of the old songs from his Irish rock band days and added some new sounds to it. His son Jack, sang the high parts and his wife Georgie did the voice intro. The added sound effects came from Justin's game dev library.

The soft launch of the Nugget Bootcamp has gone fairly well. Just over 6% of everyone who tried, it went through all seven modules. This is better than expected, given how most of the traffic came from unqualified leads on a Facebook group.

Mark's done well on goals this past couple of weeks. He's (mostly) stuck to the diet and dropped another 2cm from the waist, and is at nearly $4k revenue for the month! Though Alchemist Camp's true MRR has grown, this month was particularly good due to a number of yearly signups and renewals.

An interesting blog post came up that looked at the top 50 YC startups (by valuation) and what back-end languages they used initially. It was shockingly dominated by Ruby. 70% of the YC startups had a single initial primary back-end language. Those who primarily used Ruby represented 52% of the total valuation, those primarily using Python contributed 17% and no other language passed 3%. Some of the companies near the top of the list are relatively young, too.

Justin is buying a trampoline.

Today's Topics include:

  • The origin of our intro music
  • Mark's progress on diet & MRR
  • Stats from the Nugget bootcamp
  • Motivation
  • Music albums
  • Slider (Justin's Roblox game)
  • Trampolines


Mark's goals for next time

  • Keep on the IF plan
  • Get two videos published on Alchemist Camp
  • Upgrade Phoenix Igniter to v1.5 (lower priority)

Justin's goals for next time

  • Get 5 interviews done for Nugget
  • Announce the Bootcamp to the 6k email list
  • Bounce on the trampoline

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Recorded on 2020-08-26



Justin had shared the intro music with me a while ago glad to hear the intro music finally surfaced in the published videos. The countdown part reminds me a little bit of the scene in Thor Ragnarok where Thor meets the Grandmaster:

@justin: I've heard so many different ways of pronouncing my name. How I pronounce it is like Da-nil-o But as they say, you can call me anything, except late for dinner.

@mark: No harsh words from me :-) I'm with you...sharing goals tends to make me more likely to go forward with something, rather than the effect that Justin talks about where the sharing makes you feel like you've already done something, so you're less likely to follow through.

Art of Product porcast that was mentioned during new microphone discussion:

Link for the trampoline that Justin ordered?

I ran through the bootcamp as more of a review for Justin, there is a lot of content, and quite compelling too. If I were more entrepreneurial, I'd have spent more time on the bootcamp, and given significant thought about how to integrate the content so I can level up and power up (and eat all the levels of the cakes).

So now we need an email campaign for outro music?

- Danilo Celic · 3 years ago

@Danilo - LOL on outro! Yep I'll get on that. Also we need Mark to start the talking on top of the final fade of the intro to make it feel more natural.

- Justin Vincent · 3 years ago

Thanks, Danilo! I've had a tough go of it, but the public accountability has definitely been helping.

- Mark · 3 years ago