Structured procrastination FTW!

completing multiple annoying tasks

Show Notes:

Mark cleared the final hurdle in his path to once again gain residency in Taiwan! The last month has been full of unusual challenges and he feels a renewed energy now that they're cleared.

Alchemist Camp has simultaneously had its best growth ever in terms of email subscriptions, YouTube watch time and site usage and a slight revenue decrease. Justin suspects this could be due to the pandemic, but on the other hand it could be due to the fact that the recent tutorials have all been free.

Mark also took a page from Justin's book and used the power of structured procrastination to launch a starter kit product while procrastinating on the analytics product. It's called Phoenix Igniter and Justin loves the branding.

Speaking of structured procrastination, Justin has been working on Taskflow but hit a particularly annoying screen to design. As a result, he designed a new "bootcamp" version of Nugget! After that, the next step in launching it to his main list, drove him back to finishing the screen on Taskflow. He got the original task done AND a new product design done for a different product.

Justin has reached some clarity about the ways in which his business pursuits are altruistic and in which ways they're profit-driven. He's also realized something interesting about his earlier customers versus the more recent ones. At first people were primarily looking to Nugget for community and interaction with him. More recent customers have been much more transactional and utility-driven.

Goals discussion is at 30:10.

Mental Model: Comparative Advantage

Mark's goals for next time

  • Create 8 Tailwind CSS components for Phoenix Igniter
  • Record at least 1 video for Alchemist Camp
  • Get to the government office to submit all his paperwork

Justin's goals for next time

  • Do the 7 minute workout with the family
  • Finish the mind map
  • Get 5 people into a new Nugget batch


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