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Show Notes:

Mark's sleep has been suffering from the summer heat and 100% humidity of living on a semi-tropical island, but it's still been a productive week... The Reactor site is ready to launch! It took more than a screencast's worth of code to implement sessions, auth, email resets, permissions, etc, so he tried doing something different. Instead of showing himself type in every line of code as in his normal screencasts, Mark tried doing a "walk-through", where the code is already written and he goes over it and explains it to the viewer. It was much easier than making the 3-4 screencasts it would have taken to cover the same material, so it will be interesting to see how the audience responds to it.

Justin has pushed the boundaries of virtual carrot farming still further and set up highly optimized vertical farms so he can generate 65,000 carrots per night in his son's video game. There was a game update that complicated things a bit, but his virtual carrot farming operation is simply too powerful to stop.

The Nugget Bootcamp is ready for review! It's been a bit difficult to keep the lessons short enough to fit into just seven pages, but Justin is happy with the work so far. He's been adding voice recordings to each page, using Speak, and it's a huge improvement. Feedback from some founders who have taken a look at it so far has also been good. The plan is to release all of the new bootcamp for free, and keep the existing paid material as a followup for the most motivated and successful segment of the free bootcamp learners. It's always a trade-off between reach and protecting the value of the paid product when doing freemium, but Justin's not too worried since his main goal is to reach a larger and more diverse group of potential founders.

With the site for this podcast done, Justin's going to set up an email account for the hosts and Mark will deploy it sometime this week.


Justin's goals for next time

  • Finish editing Nugget Bootcamp
  • Get six entrepreneurs to review it
  • Create a survey for it
  • Set up an email account for this podcast

Mark's goals for next time

  • Copypasta from last week :(

Joint goal

  • 20 YouTube subscribers

Video version at: https://youtu.be/SHmn1oERZWU

recorded on 2020-06-17