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information densitiy is everything

Show Notes:

The site for this podcast is live at last, so Justin has a link to tweet! The screencasts Mark has been making about making the site with Phoenix LiveView LiveView is nearing an end as well. All that's left is a tiny bit of recording and then editing a few videos. After 15+ videos of a single series, it's going to be great to switch things up and teach a new topic.

Justin's been working hard to try to get an even male/female balance in solo entrepreneur academy, Nugget. He's started revising the copy in earlier lessons and has gotten some helpful feedback on it from his sister. He's revised the copy for his first three lessons to make them a bit more engaging and has a plan for most of the remainder of the lessons. Another idea she mentioned was that Nugget is applicable to info product makers, not just coders!

Mark has been very inspired this week, first from his buddy Liam's 30th birthday party and then from rereading a very old book by Gary V. The book was actually a more interesting read that in would have been a decade ago, because he wrote almost exactly the plan he executed on over the next several years.

Nothing was as inspired as Justin and Mark's (mostly settled) differences about how to design a podcast listing page!!! Justin wants a page that drives users towards commenting and Mark wants an information fire-hose interface, not just for this podcast but for every site he frequently uses.

Finally, we talked a bit about coding interviews, how unlike most programming work they are and why Mark is still grateful for them.


Justin's goals for next time

  • Get the Nugget Bootcamp reviewed
  • Finish revising the 4th-8th lessons

Mark's goals for next time

  • Publish 3 screencasts
  • Dip back into JavaScript for an hour a day
  • Improve the Igniter docs
  • Good diet 6/7 days

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Recorded on 2020-07-08