Justin's side-side-SIDE project

and a look at the top of Mark's marketing funnel

Show Notes:

This episode Mark goes over his basic signup flow for new customers. One goal is to give users an incentive to sign up and another is to get more information to segment new signups and suggest appropriate lessons for them. Aside from improving the signup flow, he's also looking at ways to get more people to the site to begin with and experiments that might help existing customers get more out of it.

Should he open source a ConvertKit API wrapper library? Would that move the needle at all?

Justin suggests creating a "seed group" of customers who are more involved in Alchemist Camp and creating a chat group for them, not integrated into the site, but something like Slack, Discord or even IRC.

On Justin's side, it was a busy week at the day job but he also took a look at the top of his customer discovery funnel and realized his blog is in need of a refresh.

In the process of trying to decide what to work on, a new idea emerged. Justin is seriously considering making a productivity app to solve his problem. It's tentative name is Task Flow. Mark was Gobsmacked that Justin is taking on a side-side-SIDE project (along with raising a kid and a CTO job), but Justin makes the case that all three products are synergistic.

Mental model:

  • Progressive Rendering

Mind Mapping Software:

Also mentioned:

Glossary hig·gle·dy-pig·gle·dy /ˌhiɡəldēˈpiɡəldē/ adverb · adjective adverb: higgledy-piggledy; adjective: higgledy-piggledy

  1. in confusion or disorder.

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