The 2nd product boost

Oh! This guy does stuff.

Show Notes:

Mark's week has been fantastic! Somehow, launching a 2nd product—Phoenix Igniter—seems to have had a great growth effect on his screencast business. He's also discovered a very much unexpected growth benefit to making Stripe revenue public on Indie Hackers.

In general IH hasn't been a great use of time for Mark, probably due to his niche tech stack and its relatively shallow focus on engineering. HN, on the other hand has been helping his business even when he's just commenting for fun. Justin's products are broad enough to do well on both.

Mark saw a Rust tutorial he really liked on HN. Justin's curious why Rust is so interesting to him, and what makes it useful in general. Mark's a big fan and sees it as an especially powerful tool for an Elixir dev to have in his or her toolkit.

Justin's week has been brutal. Between a bit too much to drink, a lack of sleep and getting even more into his son's game, it's been a poor week for hitting goals in the real world. Within the video game, though, he's done a substantial amount of engineering! He's been setting up a fully automated system for collecting, smelting and storing virtual ore.


Justin's goals for next time

  • No alcohol
  • Sleep at least 6 hours per night

Mark's goals for next time

  • Run two times
  • Publish two screencasts for Alchemist Camp
  • Try to get two episodes of this podcast edited and published
  • Continue procrastinating on launching 

Recorded on 2020-05-20

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