Episode 36: The livestreamers

more prolific

Show Notes:

The results of Mark's livestreaming are in! It's taken some focus and effort, but it's greatly increased his production per hour of work. The quality of the screencasts is slightly worse, but his YouTube views are up by 50%, watch time is up 83% and he's picked up 11 Twitter followers.

Justin has continued working with Chris, the Roblox dev he mentioned meeting last episode, and it's been productive. He's changed the way Justin approaches the entire game. He's now taking a much more analytics-driven approach to increase player retention at every subsection of the game. A key part of this is looking at each player's success to failure ratio at each portion of race tracks.

We finished the talk with an extended discussion about livestreaming, working in public generally, why it's hard not to be self-conscious and how there can still be a big upside.

Today's Topics include:

  • Livestreaming
  • Analytics-driven game dev
  • Roblox
  • Matteo
  • Working in public
  • Livestreaming


Mark's goals for next time

  • Finish the streak app
  • Livestream for 5 consecutive days

Justin's goals for next time

  • Run a CTR experiment on Slider (and do the dev to prepare for it)

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Recorded on 2020-11-04


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