Audiences and microphones

building the wave

Show Notes:

Mark "went" to Microconf's first remote conference. There were a number of technical issues, but he was fantatically lucky in terms of who he met during the breaks. The very first person he talked to, Richard, lives in Pasadena and knows Justin! He also met someone running a large Elixir meetup and one of the founders of Elixir Drips, the OG screencast that started the niche Alchemist Camp currently occupies!

Justin extended the launch of his bootcamp to his entire email list and is already seeing over 100 people going through the 7-day course. He's offering the premium version of the entrepreneur academy to people who complete it but none have bitten so far. The next step will be to share it on HN to get more people in the funnel and make A/B testing possible.

In related news, Mark has realized that the median result of writing a blog post on Questing Log and submitting it to HN is hitting the front page and getting to #2. We talked a bit about post titles, submission times and user accounts.

There was an interesting discussion between Alex Hillman and Justin Jackson on Twitter about how important it is or isn't for an entrepreneur to build an audience. Mark mentioned it, and as a result Justin jumped onto Twitter after the show and ended up recording an impromptu TechZing interview with Justin Jackson!

We discussed podcasting mics in depth! Hat tip to Ben Orenstein and Pat Flynn for their suggestions and hopefully you'll be able to hear the difference soon! Probably not on Spotify though, at least not in a very listenable version...

Today's Topics include:

  • Microconf remote
  • Successfully submitting to Hacker News
  • How important audience is or isn't
  • Amazon
  • Podcasting mics
  • Spotify for podcasters
  • Experience points
  • Interviewing



Mark's goals for next time

  • Use the mic and record, record record!
  • Follow up with the new Microconf connections
  • Upgrade Phoenix Igniter to v1.5 (lower priority)

Justin's goals for next time

  • Focus primarily on making Slider (a Roblox game)
  • Jump on the trampoline for 15 minutes a day
  • No dairy for a week
  • Add more people to the Nugget bootcamp funnel

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Recorded on 2020-09-02



Didn't hear the intro music on the episode, y'all rethinking it, or coming up with something different?

@Mark: gotta push out a referral link for the Tiny MBA book/e-book

@Justin: Is this the TED talk you were referring to:

How is the slider game monetized? I don't recall discussion on how game developers can earn on Roblox

Good luck to the both of you on your health/exercise progress. Hearing y'all talk about it is giving me some motivation to make some progress of my own.

- Danilo Celic · 10 months ago

@Danilo You can sell stuff in game (upgrades, digital items, etc) for Robux which can then be redeemed for real money at an exchange rate of 1 - $0.0035. You are also paid when premium members play your game a bit like spotify pays per song play. I think it works out to something like 3 Robucks per play!

Thanks for the good wishes and glad to hear you are thinking about that stuff too!

- Justin Vincent · 10 months ago

@ Danilo: I'm not sure Alex does referrals for the Tiny MBA and it's already cut its with Amazon!

If you hit play on this page, you'll hear the intro. I didn't put it in the YT video since the animation is a but long. Once there's a v0.2 of the animation, that will go in the subsequent video.

How is the slider game monetized?

That's the question I'm still anxiously awaiting to learn the answer to! 😂

- Mark · 10 months ago