Crystallization happening

this is potentially turning into a something

Show Notes:

This episode Justin and Mark start rough with shape for the show. Crystallization is happening!

Since Mark wants to know how Justin gets traffic to Speak, or any of his projects, that becomes the mastermind portion of the show. Mark talks about his old AS3 flash games he made when he was learning to program, Unity, and a mental model Mark borrowed from experience playing racing games as a child. Justin's thinking about how Mark's "Engines vs Power-ups" model could have helped Nugget's initial format and the power of blogging.

We discussed Tim Ferriss's blog post on the downsides of fame, Bill Murray's response and how the article relates to the idea of "Luck Surface Area". Finally, we talked about Mark's progress building the site (and making screencasts out of the process) and our goals for next week.

The original show plan:

  1. an update on progress from last week
  2. a masterminding segment
  3. news and ideas on their minds
  4. goals for next week.


Video version is at:


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